Owen Wormser – K3CB (ex-K6LEW) SK

It is with great sadness that the K8GP Grid Pirates Contest Group announces the loss of another member of our organization. Owen K3CB past away October 16, 2016 after his courageous battle against brain cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

We’d like to share some pictures to help us remember Owen […]

K8GP Rover plans for ARRL Sept VHF 2014

Terry W8ZN and I (Andy/K1RA) will be roving again this coming weekend as K8GP/R to attempt to better our effort in June. This time we will attempt to take the newly rebuilt W8ZN Rover (Dodge RAM, towing trailer), which will offer us more power, bigger antennas and extra operating room over the N3UW van. We […]

K8GP / Rover ARRL June VHF 2014 Final Report

The Grid Pirates were unable to mount an multi-op effort from their FM19bb contest location due to severe ice and wind damage this past winter. So, this past June Terry W8ZN and Andy K1RA roved as K8GP Rover in the ARRL June VHF 2014 QSO Party. They entered the Classic Rover category again after a […]

K8GP / Rover in the ARRL June VHF 2014

Terry W8ZN and I (Andy/K1RA) will be roving this coming weekend as K8GP/R. Our FM19bb location was hit hard this past winter with wind and ice damage, so we were unable to repair it in time for June. We hope to continue bus and tower repair work over the summer and attempt a fixed operation […]

K8GP / Rover in the ARRL Jan VHF SS 2014

Terry W8ZN and Andy K1RA activate K8GP / Rover in the ARRL Jan VHF SS 2014 using the newly improved rover of Rich N3UW. Terry and I worked on outfitting and rebuild the rover during the month of January. We had several nice weather days that allowed us to get the masting and antennas affixed […]

W4XP ops K8GP Fall 222 MHz Sprint

Chuck W4XP manned the K8GP station this past SVHFS 222 MHz Fall Sprint. Â You can view a grid map of the stations Chuck contacted below. Â Final breakdown and score was 57 QSO and 27 grids for 3,078 points. Click on a grid below to list the stations contacted in that grid. Click the […]

K1RA ops K8GP Fall 2m Sprint 2013

Andy K1RA activated the K8GP Grid Pirates contest station on 144 MHz during the SVHFS Fall 2m Sprint. Â There was some excellent tropospheric enhancement during the 4 hour event and Andy captured several weather and tropo maps and discussed why conditions were so good. Â As well as he has posted his log, his […]

W3ZZ – VHF Contesting

Dr. Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ (SK) will have passed away one year ago this June and the Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society, K8GP and the Grid Pirates Contest Group, as a memorial to Gene, are republishing a recorded Webinar on our website and making it available before this years June and September ARRL VHF Contests. We […]

K8GP operates in June VHF 2012 contest

The K8GP Grid Pirates Contest Group set up operations from their new location in Virginia, grid FM19bb. This was the first contest since June 2008 that the group entered the unlimited-transmitter, multi-operator category. Since leaving Spruce Knob, WV in 2008, the group has only operated the low 4-bands (50-432 MHz). To read more about the […]

Dr. Gene Zimmerman W3ZZ (SK)

On June 3, 2012 our good friend Dr. Gene Zimmerman W3ZZ, affectionately known among us as ‘Dr. Doom’, passed away due to complications of surgery. May he rest in peace. We will all miss Gene very much since he was a cornerstone of our organization. In the early 1990’s Gene was the driving force behind […]