KM3T – Grid: FN42cm

KM3T FN42cm

Dave Pascoe

First licensed: 1980 as KA3FWS; age 17
Other calls: N3BMH,KC3EA

* USA Competitor at WRTC 2006 in Brazil with K5TR
* USA Winner, Single Op All Band, CQWW Phone Contest 2005
* USA Winner, Single Op All Band, CQ WPX Phone Contest 2002
* Referee at WRTC 2002 Finland
* Top 10 finishes (SOAB HP) in CQWW Phone & CW, ARRL Phone, CW, WPX Phone & CW
* Many USA and World top finishes from a variety of HF multi-ops: N3AD, W3BGN, N2RM, N3RS, W3LPL, K2TR, K1AR/K1EA, KC1XX, HC8N, K3LR, KM3T, KT1V
* Top finishes from several VHF multi-ops: WC2K, K3MTK, K1TR/3, K8GP
* Helped build and lead the K1TR/3 VHF Multi-Op to several top 3 finishes from a small hilltop in eastern PA – broke million point barrier in the early 1990’s

* American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
* Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society, K8GP
* Yankee Clipper Contest Club (1988-Present)
* Galapagos Radio Society (HC8N)
* Original member and a developer of the KC1XX Contest Station & Team
* Potomac Valley Radio Club (1985-1988)
* Frankford Radio Club (1983-1985)
* University of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club (1981-1985)
* A founder and long-time financial and technical supporter of and its mailing lists (CQ-Contest, etc.)
* Technical supporter and founding member of team

Radio Activities:
* Occasionally active from home with log-periodic at 50′ and wires + 6 & 2m
* Occasionally active from New England hilltops in the ARRL 10 GHz Contest
* One of the main builders/designers of the KC1XX multi-multi station (1993-present)
* Helped build the “new” W3LPL multi-op station (1986)