N3UW/R June 2000-2002

N3UW’s (ex-KD4DSX) Amateur Radio Contest Rovering Page
“The Land Rover Daze” – 2000-2002

Rich Biby – KD4DSX Rovering in EM98 June 2000 VHF Contest


On the Rover:

* Front mast: 2 M & a 6M Halo
* On the rear mast (yes, it is on a rotator attached to the hitch) is:
* in the middle left is 220 MHz
* 440 MHz on the right
* Lower right is 906
* Lower left is 1296
* Upper left is 2304
* Upper right is 3405
* Still on the ground is a 5 GHz and 10 GHz dish

There is also an YAESU ATS antenna (which does not ever seem to work) in the middle of all the mess.

The following photograhs are from the June 2001 VHF contest. Make sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page too!


John, KA1TB, doing some in-the-file debugging
Note the super classy work bench in the back of this fine european automobile!
KA1TB operating from Black Mountain, NC. I’m just hanging out looking goofy…
Note the precisely calibrated anti rattle device used to hold the mast pipe in place.
Another shot of the rover all decked out. 5 & 10 GHz is on the little work bench on the right. The mast has a hinge place that the rotor attaches to. We can unsecured the mast from the 2×6 (attached to the roof rack) and tilt the whole mast down to open or close the read door.
OK, so you thought my set up was crazy? Check out my buddy, Matt, KC3WD. Can you tell he is a sailor? He has some whacked out mast arrangement, complete with guide wires and some incredible complex (but effective) set up. Rob (unlicensed — can you imagine why?) is helping out. Yes, that is the Jolly Roger being raised…

We are completely crazy…. It is hard to explain the sickness which has over taken our minds and causes us to do these strange things we do… Check out the contest group Matt and I work with, K8GP. The site is www.k8gp.net . Make SURE to check out the audio archives of the contests. These guys are the real thing. I’m completely honored to have a chance to work with these guys. We are always looking for new grids! Make a sked with us!

The guy in the white shirt above also put together one hoot of a web page (the Rover is featured heavily!). Check it out here!

Rich Biby, KD4DSX. Email: callsign@arrl.net (substitute KD4DSX for callsign)