K8GP M/M June 2005 VHF Test on Spruce Knob WVa at sunset PICT0224.JPG K8GP at sunset

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This is the home of the K8GP Grid Pirates Contest Group and Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society (DVMS). This web site contains articles, pictures, audio and video of the organization and its members as they prepare for and operate the various ARRL V/UHF and microwave contests. Our group is centrally based in the Md/Va/DC area, though some members come from as far away as New Hampshire and Florida. We mainly concentrate on operating the ARRL June and September VHF QSO Parties from a location high atop Spruce Knob in West Virginia, maidenhead grid square FM08fq. The location is the highest spot in WV and stands at an elevation of 4,863 feet. Also, on occasions we’ve braved the winter weather to operate the ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes from locations in Northern Virginia.

This web site contains a history of how the group evolved, accomplishments of the team members, and articles, pictures, audio, video and scores from our various contest efforts. A breakdown and descriptions of our station and equipment also can be found within. Pictures are displayed in thumbnail format for quick viewing. Full resolution images can be expanded by clicking on the appropriate thumbnail. Audio clips on this site are encoded as MP3s and should play through an embedded web MP3 player. Videos on this site, watermarked as film thumbnails, are meant for broadband users. These should play through an embedded Adobe Flash video player. All video was captured on a Minolta Z3 Dimage digital camera in Quicktime movie mode and converted and edited by Andy K1RA.

Please be sure to browse the Rovers section of this site to see pictures and videos, as well as read journals from the dedicated teams of individuals who have braved the roads, terrain and weather to cover the many grid squares that cover the U.S. The members of K8GP are grateful to these rovers, for without their efforts the limits of our operations could never be fully tested. Likewise be sure to visit some of our favorite external web Links to other organizations, individuals and their tools and content that make our operation all worth while.

Finally, visit the more scenic side of our weekend outings by viewing the scenery and wildlife pictures and video taken from high atop Spruce Knob mountain West Virginia. The view on a clear day is spectacular. Sunrises and sunsets can be quite beautiful. See the Spruce Knob menu link to view what was captured by our members during their stay. Note, some of our pictures are panoramic and will allow you to scroll left and right for the full scenic effect.

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