K1TR – Grid: FN42iu

K1TR FN42iu

Ed Parsons – Captain Sir Morgan

First licensed: January 1971 as WN1OAM; age 13
Other calls: WA1OAM, WB8WYR

* Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society, K8GP
* Grid Pirates Contest Group
* North East Weak Signal Group
* Yankee Clipper Contest Club
* Life Member — American Radio Relay League (1974)

* VUCC on 144 MHz

Radio Activities:
* Since 1977 organized several VHF contest operations in both the limited and unlimited categories under K1TR from grid squares FN20, FN42, and FN44.
* Active from home (FN42iu) on 160 meters through – 3 centimeters.
* Operates an occasional HF contest to keep in shape for VHF/UHF contesting.

Homepage: www.qsl.net/k1tr