The K8GP Grid Pirates Contest Group is comprised of a small, but dedicated team of individuals who are interested in the world above 50 MHz and radio contesting. These folks have contributed to the design, construction, operation and maintainence of all that encompasses the contest station. For ten years team members have traveled from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts and New Hampshire to congregate on Spruce Knob to assist in activating the K8GP call sign during the ARRL VHF contests. Without their dedication, determination and operating skills the group would not have been able to win top positions in numerous radio sporting events over the years. View the Operators List to see the operators participation level within the group. their you will also find links to operator’s biographies. Click on one of the contest weekend group pictures below to enter the members picture album gallery where you can see the individual operators of the K8GP contest station.

OC02_018.JPG K8GP Operators jn22_030.jpg