W3ZZ – VHF Contesting

Dr. Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ (SK) will have passed away one year ago this June and the Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society, K8GP and the Grid Pirates Contest Group, as a memorial to Gene, are republishing a recorded Webinar on our website and making it available before this years June and September ARRL VHF Contests. We do not want Gene’s memory to fade any faster than it already is, this may help to keep his memory alive for a while longer. In May of 2010 Gene provided this presentation on “VHF Contesting – What to do and How to win” for the PVRC webinar archives. The presentation is ~90 minutes and covers station siting, station design, station integration, winning strategies, digital modes and the ideal stations. We have acquired a copy of the presentation and made it available for those interested in reviewing it HERE

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