K1RZ – Grid: FM19jh

K1RZ FM19jh

Dave Petke – Captain Bligh

First Licensed: KN1PKQ (Thomaston, CT) in July 1960; age 14
Other Calls: K1PKQ, K1PKQ/9, K1PKQ/4, K1PKQ/3, K1PKQ/5, K1PKQ/KG6, KG6JBO, K1PKQ/6, K1PKQ/7, CT2FH
Club stations: K9NBH, K3NSS, KG6AAY, KG4AM, K6LY, KP4XS

* Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society
* Grid Pirates Contest Group – K8GP
* Potomac Valley Radio Club (1969)
* Life Member – American Radio Relay League (1971)

Radio Activities:
* Active on 50 through 2304 MHz.
* Operate 15M SSB at W3LPL Multi-Multi to maintain competence for VHF Contests.
* Operated nearly all VHF Contests since September 1985 at K1RZ, Damascus MD in FM19jh.
* Enjoy casual VHF operations, band openings, and the thrill of VHF contest operations, plus working up the bands with other stations.