White Bus (WB1)


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Model Year: 1985 GMC
Load Space: 66 passenger
Load Capacity: 24,000 lbs. GVW
Length: 33 ft.
Engine: 480ci V8
Transmission: automatic
Top Speed: 63 mph on the flats
Additions: Running Water Tank
Additions: Refrigerator
Additions: Microwave
Additions: Toaster
Additions: Coffee Maker
Additions: XM Radio

Operating Stations:
None – Though the bus serves two purposes:
1. During contest – Recreation, food prep and sleeping quarters
2. Pre/Post contest – Antenna, coax & cable storage and transport

60′ aluminum, swivel and tilt for 144 MHz 8 bay of 5ele yagis fixed NE
40′ aluminum, base tilt for 144 MHz 4 bay 5ele yagis rotatable
30′ Rohn 25, swivel and tilt for 144 MHz pair of FO12’s rotatable

Red 2 Bus 2 (R2B2) Blue Bus (Ole Blue)