K8GP / Rover in the ARRL June VHF 2014

Terry W8ZN and I (Andy/K1RA) will be roving this coming weekend as K8GP/R. Our FM19bb location was hit hard this past winter with wind and ice damage, so we were unable to repair it in time for June. We hope to continue bus and tower repair work over the summer and attempt a fixed operation again sometime in the future.

This contest we will take a somewhat similar route as to what we tried in Jan. VHF SS 2014, but this time starting north at FN00. We’ll also again be employing N3UW’s rover with some new improvements. Here’s our route map info.

Click on colored map markers on the left or in the map for details. Zoom in for terrain info.

The above breaks down to the following grids, local and GMT times:

Sat.       Local        GMT
FN00wa - 1400-1600   1800-2000
FM09wx - 1600-1800   2000-2200
FM19aw - 1830-2000   2230-0000
FN10ca - 2100-2300   0100-0300

Sleep  - 0015-0630   0415-1030

Sun.       Local         GMT
FN10ni - 0700-0900   1100-1300
FN20bi - 1030-1230   1430-1630
FM29ax - 1330-1530   1730-1930
FM19xx - 1600-1800   2000-2200
FM18dv - 2100-2300   0000-0300

I will be mainly operating the low band seat (50-432 MHz), while Terry operates 902-10368 MHz. We pride ourselves on quick band hopping and appreciate your working all the bands with us when we call in and request you to attempt QSO’s. Even if there is an amazing 6m ESkip opening, please take the time to work us across the bands, as our time on sites will be relatively short.

In tradition with Bill/W3IY (SK) and the recently decommissioned W1RT Jitney, I will be using 144.247 MHz as our coordination and calling frequency. Please look for us there often. My other pass/jump frequencies will be 50.247, 222.147 and 432.247. Consider putting these in your rigs memory channels if available to assist in the frequency hopping exercise ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be tuning mainly 6&2m to otherwise find CQ’ing stations – so make lots of noise in our general directions!

N3UW rover to be used by Terry/W8ZN and Andy/K1RA as K8GP during the ARRL June VHF 2014 contest.

N3UW rover to be used by Terry/W8ZN and Andy/K1RA as K8GP during the ARRL June VHF 2014 contest.

73 and GL to ALL this weekend.

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