HP 3000W Power Supply Info

Here is a couple of pictures of the rear of one of the power supplies. While my connections aren’t the most glamorous or sanitary, the DX can’t tell the difference!!!

HP 3000w PS rear view

In the picture of the entire rear, the lower three terminals are the 240V AC input single phase. Ground in the middle(green) and hots on either side. I’m using some #12 fine stranded cable for this.

The DC output is on the top on either side of the interface connector.

HP 3000w PS rear view closeup

The blow up photo is the four jumpered pins needed to get the beast to turn on. There are four rows of 5 pins. The second row, short pins 3 and 4 and on the fourth row, short pins 3 and 4.

I have run this supply for well over a year, not every day but on and off and it works fine. I’ve run it with no load and have drawn over 55 amps with a BIG load, the voltage is VERY stable from no load to full load and I have not seen any oscillations regardless of load or no load.

I highly recommend some kind of strain relief on the cables since the plastic housing isn’t meant to be abused like this. I believe, one of the set of pins could be used as a remote soft start switch but I haven’t played with that yet. I believe there is also a “teaming” pin(s) that can be used to “link” more than one of these together for extra current or as a standby which is what we did in the computer world but that was all handled by the chassis and software.

I use some really nice voltage and current meters available from All Electronics. They have external shunts for 50A and 100A that can be mounted right near the power supply and the 50mv meter be mounted somewhere else, very worthwhile to look in to.

That’s about it, enjoy!!!!